The Ballad of Lewis and Clark


It was eighteen four, not a day before, we left our homes and fam’lies!

For three long years and lots of tears we wandered through the land.

We had no plan to show the way, but to a man we’re glad to say,

The road was long, but like the song, we’re back!


We are Lewis and Clark! (Clark and Lewis)

Headin’ West to see what they could find.

Yes they’re Lewis and Clark! Clark and Lewis!

Doin’ their best for all of humankind.


They headed out of St. Louis and up the wide Missouri.

Sent by Thomas Jefferson to see what they could see.

To do their best  and see the west, they couldn’t wait, they couldn’t rest.

They paved the way for new discovery.




There were forty-seven men in all and a guide Sacajawea.

A man called York, a great big dog and an oaf named Charbonneau.

Two keel boats in which to cruise, guns and gifts and two canoes,

No one knew exactly where they’d go!