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      Here is a page you can check out with information about upcoming art contest.  I encourage students to read all of the directions with mom or dad, so you can have the best chance for winning!  If the directions say you need an entry form, please come see Ms. Cunningham at school.  Please make sure you plan enough time to get your entry in the mail or posted online.  Let me know if you need help or ideas.  For recent examples of great student art contest entries click here.


1.        Doodle 4 Google 

You know how shows a different image of the word Google everyday? Well you can enter this contest to get the chance to design the logo for the day! The theme this year is TBA. Click on the link below and read the entry info and get creative!  Entries due to Google by TBA.

Winners will be on Google on…!  Good Luck!


2.        Georgia Associations for Pupil Transportation:

2015 Georgia School Bus Safety Poster Contest

Who May Enter:

Any student, grades K-8, enrolled in a Georgia public school.

Division #1:         Grades K-2

Division #2:        Grades 3-5

Division #3:         Grades 6-8

Division #4:         Special Education

Poster Specifications:

·       Completed poster size must be 11”X17” or 12"X18".

·       There must be a 3" x 5" card/entry blank securely fastened to the back of the poster which includes the

student's name, grade, age, teacher’s name, school name and school address. Please print clearly.

·       Posters may be illustrated on the vertical or horizontal axis. Do NOT roll posters.

·       They must be mailed/delivered flat.

·       Designs should be submitted on quality tag, poster illustration board or heavy paper.

·       Lamination is not permitted, and will disqualify the poster. Cut paper/stencils (freehand or predrawn

stick-on stencils) are not permitted and will disqualify the poster.

·       There is no limitation on the use and number of colors.

·       There is no limitation on the type of media -- such as print, crayon, felt pen, etc. -- used on the

poster design; however, wood, plastic, glass or metal should not be part of the poster. Collage

materials should not be used. Glued on pieces will eliminate the poster.

·       Poster designs may not incorporate any copyrighted characters (i.e., comic and/or television

characters), photographs, and magazine or newspaper illustrations.

Poster Theme:

Every poster and slogan must use the 2015 poster contest theme: TBA

 (Contestants must illustrate above theme only, and the theme must be exactly as shown above and must be included on the poster.)

Drawings must be original, correct in safety concept and the exclusive work of the student entering the contest in idea, design and execution. All artwork should be positive in approach, demonstrating only proper school bus safety behaviors. At least a part of a yellow school bus must be present in the poster.

Lettering & Drawing:

The poster design may incorporate freehand drawn letters only. Stenciled, pre-printed, manufactured stick-on or press-on letters or tracings may not be used and will disqualify the poster. Lettering should be clearly legible, even if used as part of the poster design.

Posters must be received by Ms. Cunningham by TBA

Also see Ms. Cunningham if you need a copy of the entry form.



3.  19th Annual Cray-Pas Wonderful

Colorful World Contest

Entries are judged based on: image originality, creativity, emotional content, oil pastel skills and age appropriateness.  150 total finalists will be chosen from across the US - 50 in K-2nd, 50 in 3rd-5th and 50 in 6th-8th.

3 winners in each age category will be selected to win a savings bond for $200, $100 or $50 AND an award certificate, art supplies, and gift certificate, your design on a Tote Bag, and your artwork on a web site.

Students must use oil pastels, and artwork must be no smaller than
8" x 10" and no bigger than 12" x 18".  Art work must be kept flat (not rolled). Students must tape the entry form on the back of the artwork.

Contest deadline: All entries must be mailed to Sakura no later than

December 2014 (Date TBA).

For more information, please visit: or call

1-800-776-6257 ext. 177
Also see Ms. Cunningham if you need a copy of the entry form.





4. Plains, Peanuts, and a President


Work should only be done by the student, and previous winners are posted at

Winners per grade level will be presented a certificate by President Carter on September 25th. Entries will not be returned.

1.                Student work must be on a white UNruled index card or heavy paper.

2.                The card must have at least one peanut and something about Plains or President Carter.

3.                You must put your name, grade level, art teacher’s name, school address and phone number on the

back of your card.

Back of Card:

Your Name, Grade,

Ms. Cunningham, Brookwood Elementary,

1330 Hollybrook Rd., Snellville, GA 30078



Please see Ms. Cunningham for official rules, entry forms and guidelines if you are interested.


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